We closely monitor the progress of all our products and ensure that you are kept well informed at all stages of the shipment process.

Frozen Goods
Once our frozen products are ready for shipment, they are transported by well-known shipping lines in pre-inspected reefer containers. All orders are vacuum-packed and final inspections are performed with respect to the packaging instructions from the buyers.

Fresh Chilled Goods
Due to the shipping time constraints of these products, all container transport is booked for the day when the goods are produced and coordinated to optimize efficiency. Our transport ships depart on the day immediately following the purchase to ensure our products reach their destination without any delay.


All our plants are ISO and HACCP certified as well as being inspected and approved by the respective authorities of the countries in which they reside.

All our suppliers are certified and approved by European, Russian (Former Russian Republics), and Middle Eastern authorities. We uphold to strict quality control standards over food safety and hygiene requirements of our European, Russian (Former Russian Republics), and Asian buyers.

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